Dancing with the Dead is an unconventional, brilliant, terrifying and compelling tour de force wrought with refined literary skill and governed by an abiding compassion. It is fearless but hardly reckless as it navigates through matters of the heart where no one treads on purpose. If you can finish this cautionary tale dry-eyed you should probably be asking yourself some hard questions.

–Russell Chatham, author of Dark Waters

Bold. Original. Profoundly moving.
Dancing with the Dead is the tale of two people from vastly different backgrounds, two survivors caught up in historic forces beyond their control. Stripped of everything that made them who they are, they come together in courage and common humanity. They, like Faulkner’s Dilsey, endure. And so will their story, the most unconventional, unexpected love story of this or any other year.

–Dan Bronson, author of Confessions of a Hollywood Nobody

With one eye on the epic and one on the deeply personal, Jameson Parker writes with the elegant ferocity of a polo match. Dancing With The Dead effortlessly balances the voices and experiences of vastly different lives in very different circumstances, until a startling convergence of truth and fiction shows us that the human heart sometimes has the power not only to transcend, but to unify. If Jim Harrison and Katherine Anne Porter had somehow teamed up to pen a novella, this might well have been the result.

–Malcolm Brooks, author of Painted Horses

Dancing with the Dead is a remarkable phenomenon: a moving, harrowing, historically accurate, first published novel by a 69 year-old man who has lived a full life. It is also beautifully written, with a real ear for speech, both formal and informal. Who can say but that one would have had to have been an actor, a horseman, a writer, a son of the diplomatic service, and one who had experienced personal tragedy to be able to write such a story. Parker has been and done all these things, and Dancing with the Dead is as good as it gets.

–Steve Bodio, author of Querencia and A Rage for Falcons


Jameson has been a freelance writer for almost twenty years. As an actor-turned-author he is unique because his work has appeared in such a wide range of outdoor magazines: American Hunter, Sports Afield, Gray’s Sporting Journal, California Waterfowl, Shooting Sportsman, Bugle, Under Wild Skies, Delta Waterfowl, Ducks Unlimited, Safari, Western Horseman, and currently he is the ‘Sporting Life’ columnist for Sporting Classics, and the ‘Fine Guns’ columnist for Texas Sporting Journal.

Jameson is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir, An Accidental Cowboy (Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martins Press) and the editor of To Absent Friends (Willow Creek Press), an anthology of stories about dogs. He is married to actress and singer Darleen Carr.

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