Update from the Blog/Internet Land of Lost Souls

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Old man big book

I would like to thank everyone for the expressions of sympathy and the offers to help. I am touched by the many kindnesses offered, and impressed by the highly advanced technological skills so many people seem to have. At least they’re highly advanced and overwhelmingly technological to me, scribbling away on my clay tablet with my stylus.

Old man writing

One reader even saved all the pieces I have written, a fact I find a little overwhelming since I certainly didn’t consider all of them worth saving. (That reader is from Mossel Bay, South Africa. Beautiful South Africa. I’ve never been to Mossel Bay, but just the name brought back a flood of memories from both South and southern Africa: God spreading his tablecloth on Table Mountain; the astounding juncture—visible from the mountaintop when the tablecloth wasn’t spread—of the Indian and Atlantic oceans, the different colors merging as far as the eye could see; the strong red wine of the lovely Cape; beautiful stepped- and white-washed Dutch Colonial architecture; springbok leaping like ballerinas; a tame eland named Applequi (sp?); the ostrich that wanted to kill me and caused me to develop a taste for ostrich meat; the flamingos rising up in enormous lovely clouds from the shallow waters of Walvis Bai; the prehistoric paintings on a cave wall near Windhoek; a pair of lions in the moonlight, male and female, feeding on a freshly killed wildebeest, great pats of butter in a field of cream, beauty and majesty in deadly combination; the way the giraffes appear to run in slow motion; the pit-bull aggression of the warthogs; and other, less lovely and far more dangerous memories. But I did love that land.)

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