Jay Dusard at the West Select

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My friend Jay Dusard, cowboy, jazz musician, and something else… Oh yes, he just happens to be the greatest living photographer of the American West, will be one of the artists featured in the Phoenix Art Museum’s Invitational Sale and Exhibition beginning this November 10th  and running through December 31st..

(I have shamelessly stolen an image off the internet of one of Jay’s works to give a tiny idea of his genius.)

The show, called The West Select, includes a sale on Friday, November 8th, for those of you lucky enough to have deep pockets, but regardless of the condition of your wallet, if you are anywhere in the West during that time period, stop by the Phoenix Art Museum. The show also features artists the likes of Bill Anton (I’m a great fan), William Matthews (he is the watercolorist who did the illustrations for Annie Proulx’s fabulous short story collection, Close Range: Wyoming Stories, that included Brokeback Mountain), Bill Schenck (usually described as a contemporary “pop” Western artist), Bob “Shoofly” Shufelt (his graphite drawings will take your breath away), as well as others I am not as familiar with. Take a drive to Phoenix. You won’t regret it.

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