The Armchair Adventurer

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I had one of those days yesterday. You know. The kind where brushing your teeth in the morning uses up your entire store of ambition and creativity for the rest of the day. I had had big plans. I was going to finish this, I was going work on that, and then I was going start something else. Instead, I had a hard time summoning the energy and imagination to endorse a check. And trust me, checks don’t arrive at the Parker household often enough to drain my stores of anything. Hell, I still use a ballpoint pen someone left at my house the year Kate Upton was born. (There was and is no correlation between those two occurrences; it’s just a conveniently frivolous way to specify a point in time. If you’re a man, you don’t need to be told who Kate Upton is; if you’re a woman, you don’t want to know.) So instead of honest labor, I decided to take an idle, luxury-barge cruise through the scenic inland waterways of the internet. It turned out to be very interesting indeed.

I started on my friend Steve Bodio’s site which is always fun and interesting and informative, albeit sometimes intimidating. After all, how many people can write intelligently and well about everything from eagles to emergent zoonoses? How many people even know what a zoonosis is?

That led me to an eccentric and wide-ranging blog about everything to do with dogs, hunting, dogs, books, dogs, food, dogs, any number of other things, and dogs.

Not surprisingly, that led me to primarily because, as a fan of the late Brian Plummer (Tales of a Rat-Hunting Man, along with many other equally eccentric books), I couldn’t resist a blog about lurchers, terriers, and ferrets.

I worked my way back to Raised By Wolves a blog primarily about dogs, search and rescue, dogs, sheep, and more dogs.

That in turn took me to which of course I loved, primarily because the author (Jemima Harrison, and if you don’t like that name you don’t like chocolate cake) shares my dim and jaundiced view of the fanatical purebred dog world being the ruination of practically every breed there is. (See my blog, Man’s Best Friend Needs a Little TLC, under July, 2012 archive).

By then I had successfully used up (not wasted) an entire work day (a loosely defined, by me, period of time that can range from three to twelve hours, depending on my level of creativity, my level of energy, my mood, the weather, and various other intangibles) enjoying myself immensely. The common elements that bind all these sites are dogs, books, and a passion for the outdoors. Some you may like. Some of the hunting sites may be too strong for delicate urban sensibilities, though I would point out that it is hunters who work, and have historically worked harder than any other segment of society, to protect and preserve the land and animals we all love. All of them are intelligent and well-written.

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