Return to Laughter

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An observant visitor to this site noticed in one of my biographies that I mention a novel of mine entitled Return to Laughter and wanted to know where she could find it. Well might she ask.

The truth is I had forgotten entirely I made any reference to the book in my bio or anywhere else, but it does exist. As its Shakespearean title suggests, it is about an actor, and about the acting business in both New York and Hollywood, and it weaves fact and fiction together in, I hope, an intriguing and amusing way. There will be a very small prize awarded to the reader who correctly identifies the play that provided the title. Bonus points if you can name the character who says the words, and the correct act and scene number.

(Purchase absolutely necessary to enter. Contest void where prohibited or restricted. All federal, state, county, and local laws, ordinances, and regulations apply. Contestants must be old enough to be able to read and must be legal residents of the planet Earth. No employees or wives of the author of this blog or website are eligible to compete. Prize is to be determined by the sole whim of the author of this blog and will not exceed one farthing in value, and will almost certainly consist of nothing more than a mention of name, though it may not even amount to that, depending on the author’s mood and phase of the moon. By participating in this contest, contestants agree to be bound by official rules yet to be determined and possibly impossible to follow or even comprehend, and to be equally bound by the judge’s final and completely arbitrary decision. By accepting a prize, contestants agree that the sponsor (this web site/blog) and its employees, officers, directors, subsidiaries, affiliates, and dishwashers will have no responsibility for anything of any kind anywhere, including—but not limited to—injury, loss, damages, death, dismemberment, loss of time while trying to find the phrase return to laughter, loss of parking space, loss of hair, or any other conceivable or inconceivable mishap whatsoever that might occur to anyone anywhere for any reason. But have fun.)

I decided not to release the novel just yet. I wanted to make some very minor revisions, and my agents suggested I wait and see how sales go with the books I already offer on the site. I realize this last paragraph sounds like an unsubtle way of saying, “Buy those books, ladies and gentlemen! Recommend them to your friends and neighbors! Tell the world!” And you’re damn right it is. But it is also true that my agents recommended I wait. Complain to them.

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