(Almost) A Haiku of Praise

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Many of the writers whose blogs I follow never take the time to acknowledge the letters they get from their readers. I find this churlish and lacking in the very graciousness and generosity of spirit so many readers show by expressing their admiration for one’s work. Perhaps because I was an actor for so many years, I am not embarrassed to bask in the glow of my fans’ adoring spotlight, and to share their encomiums with other readers. No false modesty here!

From Cherie, I received this brief, but cleverly oblique expression of affection and admiration:


Fuck your fuck head. I want you cum in my mouth.


Dear Cherie,

Thank you so much for your kind words! I want you to know how much I appreciate your taking the time to write me. I know how much you must have taxed yourself—intellectually, creatively, even spiritually—to compose those moving words, and I want you to understand how much they mean to me.

I am embarrassed to admit that at first, for just an instant, I failed to grasp the subtleties of your writing, but as soon as I finished the entire message I realized the extraordinarily deceptive complexity of your uniform and consistent use of a single overriding metaphorical image to express sentiments that your maidenly modesty might otherwise have prevented you from putting into words.

Very few readers, even those who genuinely love and appreciate the author’s work, take the time to express their admiration, especially not in your unique and evocative words. Ah, dear, witty, creative Cherie (Yes! Creative! Because I can sense, reading between the lines—well, between the words, actually—I can sense the creative fire burning within you as you sit at your computer, alone, alone with your Muse!) your sentiments have inspired me to press on in the dark and lonely work so many people fail to appreciate.




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