The Red-ish Menace

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It’s been difficult to avoid watching the on-going protests over so-called police brutality, including the ones that continued in spite of Hiz Honor Bill de Blasio’s call for a break in which to bury the two fallen New York police officers. I remember being surprised, back shortly after Ferguson, and immediately after the Staten Island incident, at how quickly the protestors had access to professionally printed posters, but I was more focused on the violence and ignorance and idiocy of the protestors than on their accoutrements. I heard some pundit refer to the protestors, particularly the ones chanting, “What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want them? Now!” as Al Sharpton’s “rent-a-mob,” but I gave it little thought. Ignorance and violence aren’t worth wasting much thought and effort on. Then a friend sent me the photo above and I took the time to do a little research.

At the bottom of the signs is a name, is the website of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA is the brainchild of a vainglorious former Berkley, California radical malcontent by the name of Bob Avakian. He is also a former member of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), former member of the Black Panther Party, and former member of the Free Speech Movement. He currently serves as the central committee chairman and national leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

So what has he or his Revolutionary Communist Party to do with race-huckster, tax-cheat, and professional liar Al Sharpton? Well, before Al Sharpton became the host of his own show on MSNBC, and before he started blogging for the Huffington Post, and before he became an advisor to both Barack Obama and Bill De Blasio, Al Sharpton supported the Communist Party’s efforts to defend Angela Davis from murder charges stemming from her purchase of the shotgun, two days before the event, used to kill California Judge Harold Haley. (Under California law, anyone involved in the commission of a crime is considered guilty of that crime whether or not they directly participate in said crime.) Angela Davis was eventually acquitted (and there is a long and interesting story there) and went on to run twice as the official vice-presidential candidate of the Communist Party. Since then, Sharpton has gone on to work with and associate with multiple avowed communists and Marxists, which of course brings us to Hiz Honor, Bill de Blasio (the former Warren De Blasio-Wilhelm, and before that, née Warren Wilhelm, Jr.), an avowed and self-proclaimed “leftist” fond—in his younger days—(according to the New York Times) of quoting Marx.

All of this (de Blasio, Sharpton, Avakian, the protestors) would qualify as nothing more than meaningless and mindless mayhem except for a startling similarity between the conduct of the protestors and the philosophy of “foco” developed and espoused by another Marx-quoting communist, Che Guevera. Putting it in baby talk, “foco” is the ideological theory that an existing government can be overthrown without having to wait for signs of decay or chaos or corruption within that government, but rather by causing those things, or even just the appearance of those things, by committing acts of violence that create the impression of governmental corruption or incompetence. In other words, if you riot and create chaos in the streets and call for the death of law enforcement officers, and then law enforcement officers are actually killed, you create doubt in the minds of the people as to the competence of their government.

This would all be somewhat more sinister, were it not for two things:

The first is that we don’t need anyone to create an impression of governmental corruption or incompetence. The government can do that all by itself, without any outside help, thank you very much.

The other thing is the complete lunacy of the Revolutionary Communist Party. I went on their website, trying to learn a little more about them and why they are providing professional protestors for Al Sharpton. It’s clear they want a world-wide revolution involving the overthrow of all known governments, including the Chinese, but they seem to have only a sketchy idea of what is to come after that. There is a lot of talk about the “dictatorship of the proletariat” (like that’s supposed to be a good thing?) but no concrete details on how to keep the necessary industry and agriculture churning along. Since communism didn’t work out so well in the USSR, and certainly seems to be on the wane, if not vanished, in China, it’s a little risible to imagine someone (Bob Avakian) really believes he has come up with a better version of a proven failure. It’s like trying to reintroduce the Edsel with different hubcaps. Hell, even socialism hasn’t worked out so well, historically. No civilization in all of history has ever adopted a socialist form of government and lasted more than one hundred years, and the only one that lasted close to that long was in China under the Emperor Wang An-shih (1021-1086), and Chinese emperors were never noted for brooking much opposition.

But Bob Avakian, undeterred, spouts the kind of ideological gobbledygook that impresses people who might actually, in other circumstances, be able to comprehend a simple declarative sentence. Consider the following:

“This concept was taken over from the philosophical system of Hegel, whose philosophy exerted a significant influence on Marx (and Engels), even while, in a fundamental sense, they recast and placed on a materialist foundation Hegel’s view of dialectics, which was itself marked by philosophical idealism (the view that history consists in essence of the unfolding of the Idea).”

That’ll hook the unlettered masses, by golly, especially those happy protestors who think Hegel is something on which you spread cream cheese and lox.

Mr. Avakian and the Revolutionary Communist Party rely heavily on the repeated use of key words and phrases: “synthesis;” “dialectics;” “dictatorship of the proletariat;” “the scientific roots of Marxism” (say what?); apparently thinking this will lend substance to their insubstantial rhetoric. In fact, “synthesis” is used so often and so vaguely that I eventually gave up trying to count the number of repetitions.

Even if you had any doubts about the actions of the police in Ferguson and Staten Island (I didn’t, and do not) you should seriously question the motives of protestors marching at the behest of Al Sharpton and carrying placards provided by the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Support your local police.

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