Lemonade Stands, Forsooth!

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lemonade stand


The following headline from the Huffington Post Crime Page caught my eye:

“Texas Police Officers Shut Down Girls’ Lemonade Stand Because They Didn’t Have A Permit.”

Well, thank goodness! It’s about time law enforcement and government agencies all across this nation start cracking down on these cunning and devious little criminals who throw up their clandestine lemonade stands in clear violation of dozens of federal, state and local laws. The girls in Texas “claim” they just wanted to make enough money to take their dad to a water park for Father’s Day, but God only knows how much money they could have raked in, tax free.

Do you think those sneaky little girls had the slightest intention of paying federal income tax or Texas income tax? Of course not!

In Texas, it’s common knowledge you have to have a “Peddler’s Permit,” but had those little girls bothered to get one? Don’t make me laugh.

What about the license from the County Health Department as required by law? The girls “claimed” they didn’t even know about that.

What about federal health laws, or OSHA regulations? Do you imagine for one minute those girls had conformed with those federal laws? Please, give me a break.

And now the CDC will probably have to track down all the people who actually purchased and consumed dangerous lemonade from that stand and monitor those people for any health risks.

By God, prison time isn’t any too good for those criminals and I hope the IRS, the state of Texas, and the county of Rusk will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Maybe there is a local town ordinance that can be brought into play here as well. If not, let’s pass some more laws and get those little criminals locked up.

Do they still have the death penalty in Texas?

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