A 1911 for an Oligarch

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Cabot 1911 engraved


For those of you who might have missed it:

Cabot Guns is a company in Pennsylvania that makes very high-end custom M1911 handguns, sort of the Aston Martin of 1911s. So far, there’s nothing extraordinary about that; shops specializing in customized M1911s have sprung up all over the country, and it’s possible today to purchase one with a degree of refinement never dreamed of by the doughboys who carried the rough and ready original version of John Browning’s masterpiece. Some of these companies specialize in guns that are customized specifically for use by men and women who do the hard and dirty things that keep the rest of us safe: think of the various special operations units of the different branches of the military, as well as certain high-risk law enforcement agencies. Other companies specialize in competition guns for professional athletes, men and women who compete in IPSC, USPSA, IDPA, and other competitive shooting venues. And some companies specialize in highly refined guns that look as though they should be carried under a bespoke tuxedo at a debutante cotillion, sort of the M1911 version of a Purdey or Holland & Holland or David McKay Brown. That’s Cabot Guns: refined and elegant individual handguns of superb craftsmanship that are pretty much unaffordable for most of us, as well as cased and engraved sets that are unquestionably unaffordable, selling for the price of a new pickup truck.

But now Cabot Guns has taken conspicuous consumption to the maximum level. It’s a matched, mirror-image (meaning one for the right hand, the other for the left) pair, tentatively dubbed the Big Bang Set, made out of a thirty-five kilogram chunk of meteorite. The set is scheduled to be publically displayed for the first time at the NRA convention in Louisville, Kentucky, in May, and will probably be auctioned off there for an estimated $500,000 to $1,000,000. I hope at least some of the profit will be donated to the NRA, so when some of you rush off to Louisville this spring to bid on it as a stocking-stuffer for me, you’ll know your money was well spent. And if the bidding should take you up over $1,000,000, don’t worry about it. After all, the sky’s the limit for a set made out of meteorite.

You can check out Cabot Guns here  http://cabotgun.com and the Big Bang set here http://cabotgun.com/2015/12/cabot-meteorite-pistol-set/ just in case you want to see what you’re buying me.

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