Republican Debate

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Morton Downey Jr. two


I watched the last half of the Republican debate last Saturday night and I’ve never seen anything so unpleasant and unprofessional in all my life. It reminded me of a nightmare drive down a congested interstate with the world’s most loathsome, obnoxious, ill-mannered seven-year olds in the backseat.

“He touched me!”

“She’s looking at me!”

“He took my crayon!”

If any of my children had ever misbehaved in public that badly, they’d still be grounded, and I’m a grandfather.

The only two grownups on the stage were John Kasich and Ben Carson and unfortunately I’m afraid that both of them would get eaten alive in a debate by Hillary, not because of a lack of knowledge or experience, but because neither one of them has the ruthless, bloodthirsty cunning she has.

I realize Dr. Carson has less political/world affairs knowledge than any of the other Republican candidates, but I also suspect he is far more intelligent than the current occupant of the White House, and unlike the current occupant, Dr. Carson does not appear to be so crippled by his own arrogance and over-inflated opinion of himself that he would refuse to listen to his advisors.

John Kasich has all the knowledge and experience in the world and would make a great president, but putting him on stage with Hillary would be like putting me in the cage with the current heavyweight MMA champion: it might be amusing to hear my screams of agony as my bones broke, but it would not be productive. Kasich would do a lot better against Bernie, but who knows if Bernie will be the nominee.

Of course, if Hillary is nominated by the Democrats, she will set all kinds of firsts: first woman president; first former First Lady as president; first candidate ever to win the presidency while under federal investigation; first president to serve her term from a federal prison cell…

In the meantime, back on the right, we also have the Trumpster, who combines the most positive and uplifting qualities of the late Morton Downey, Jr. (see the photo above) minus the charm, and the intellectual depth of the Jerry Springer Show. We have two very able, knowledgeable, and well-spoken candidates who spend more time tearing at each other with their brighter-than-white teeth than expanding on their views and beliefs, with the result that you want to send them both to their rooms, and poor Jeb Bush, who is eminently qualified, sounding more and more petulant and defensive trying to get a word in edgewise.

It ain’t looking good, folks.

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