Evil, or just Stupid?

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Come. Take my hand. Let us wander down certain dusty and half-forgotten corridors of history and see if we may learn something that might protect us from ourselves today.

Do you remember Joseph McCarthy? Ah. I see a few hands. Good.

For the rest of you, Joseph McCarthy was a US Senator (1947-1957) from Wisconsin who has the dubious distinction of being possibly the single most despicable, evil, corrupt, self-serving, morally and ethically bankrupt senator in American history. That’s saying a lot. Too many of today’s crop of politicians have set a low bar indeed, but none—not even his most ardent imitator, the evil and corrupt Harry Reid—has yet surpassed him. McCarthy is remembered vaguely today as having something to do with persecuting purported Communists with the collusion and happy cooperation of the FBI—which should tell you a lot right there about how much you can trust the FBI—but he achieved so much more. He was responsible for destroying the lives of thousands of Americans without the slightest justification, due process, evidence, proof, or even moral conviction (apparently after he lost power, he once admitted to a reporter or biographer that he had no convictions about what he was doing; that it was only for the cynical and contemptible purpose of advancing his career and wielding power). The list of famous, talented, brilliant lives he destroyed is too long, literally far too long, for me to enumerate, but after ruining many of the brightest and best in the governmental and diplomatic worlds, McCarthy turned his tender mercies on the private sector, focusing primarily on the world of the arts. Writers, playwrights, screenwriters, actors, directors, composers, musicians; McCarthy was indiscriminate in his cunning and venomous attacks. To go from one ludicrous extreme of the spectrum to another, consider the alpha and the omega: Albert Einstein at one end, stripper Gypsy Rose Lee at the other. Gypsy Rose Lee. Blacklisted. Yeah, McCarthy and the FBI made America is sooooo much safer.

One of the techniques McCarthy used was to say (I’m paraphrasing): “If you don’t give us the names of people you suspect of being communists, that is proof that you are yourself a communist.” A no-win situation for many a poor and courageous American back in those black days.

And that technique brings us up to today’s bumper crop of politicians vying for the coveted McCarthy Award.

Progressive cupcakes, the delicate little collegiate flowers who demand trigger warnings and safe spaces, student and professor alike, use a truly moronic—cunning, but still moronic—tactic when they have hysterics over anyone disagreeing with them about anything, and that is to claim the act of disagreeing is ipso facto proof of some dreadful and hateful prejudice: racism, xenophobia, homophobia, whatever the topic may be, the whole panoply of ills progressives claim only they are free of.

It’s the kind of stupidity one has sadly come to expect all too often in the halls of academia, but when it pervades even the halls of congress, that changes the equation, and it harkens back to the evil of Joseph McCarthy.

I was reminded of Joseph McCarthy while watching Adam Schiff on television the other night after the Republican memo had been released. He was asked about his claims there would be a grave threat to national security if the Republican memo on the Steele dossier were to be released by President Trump; he was asked to explain what exactly in the memo constituted such a threat. Instead of answering the question, after attempting to evade it once or twice, he pulled a progressive, McCarthy-esque (or whiny sophomoric cupcake) tactic out of the bin and accused the reporter of, “…carrying water for the Kremlin.” In other words, if you disagree with me, or if you even challenge me, it is ipso facto proof you are the enemy.

I want to be very clear here: Adam Schiff is not the only politician to resort to using this completely vacuous adolescent tactic. He just happens to be one of the most obvious and loathsome—and downright creepy—but far too many, on both sides of the aisle, including all too frequently our president, rely on attack, vilification, name-calling, hateful labeling, and sometimes even simple-minded obscenities.

To have lost the tools of civilized debate—reasoned argument, logic, real evidence, hard and verifiable facts—and to be reduced to ugly smears and innuendo and sneering accusations, is bad enough among junior high school students, worse still in the halls of colleges and universities, but in the highest levels of government it reduces our elected officials to meaner and craftier—though not as courageous—versions of those benighted third world political venues where fistfights break out on the floors of parliaments.

Come on, Mr. Schiff! Be a man and just punch the reporter in the face. It will prove you have no valid argument or facts to support whatever your latest your claim is, but at least it’ll show you have the courage of your lack of convictions.


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14 thoughts on “Evil, or just Stupid?”

  1. Sadly, todays culture encourages people to express views without having to prove or accept any blame for said views. We have become a society of “the sky is falling” and any who disagree are looked upon as inferior and unworthy to be accepted as part of the solution, only part of the problem.
    We have become so divided in our opinions that we have failed to understand that it is the ideas we all share that cements us together and the ideas that we disagree and discuss that makes the bond stronger.

    1. More often than not, those who have different view points than the article or original poster are often called racists, homophobes, haters, etc. It would be refreshing to be able to actually discuss the different point of views and grow from the experience. But those doing this are usually on the far left (and yes, some right) and their motive is to shut down freedom of speech on those who not think the same way. Those of us who have experienced it on certain social media sites, have been self-censoring, if not totally dropping out. 🙁

      Mary Ellen

  2. It is always good to watch and be mindful of the past, and to remember the context in which events happen. What we can learn is never to fear. It doesn’t achieve a thing and creates mindless suspicions. And acting out of fear is not a wise move either, you will make more mistakes and hurt more people than you may realise. Be mindful. Watch and take note but never be in fear or act out of it. For if you do, you could cause more trouble than help.

  3. I not old enough to remember Joseph McCarthy, but I definitely remember Watergate. President Nixon used the CIA to brake into the National Democratic headquarters to get information on his opponents.
    Of course he ended up resigning.
    Then there was the more recent IRS scandal where the IRS targeted Conservative groups and refused to give them tax exempt status. Now people are not suppose to question the FBI. Never mind that they used a made up dossier to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Remember when President Trump said that former President Obama was wire tapping his office? Every one in the media laughed at him. Well, it seems that he was right.

  4. A few months ago, “ The University of Wyoming” asked Dennis Prager conservative talk show host to come for a visit. He did go to the University. However, the far left college students had to protest calling him racist. They might want to do their homework first. Since he is Jewish. Again not having all the facts. Google and YouTube are censoring his video’s. He is suiing them. At the bottom is the list of ones that are being censored. These are discussions he is having with other professors. They just don’t like him because he is conservative.


  5. JP,Excellent! You sure can’t have a civilized debate on the Facebook news pages like MSNCB, CNN and FOX news. The adults act beyond childish. I had my account closed one time for 30 days because, someone didn’t like my conservative viewpoints and reported me. I was very civilized. They just didn’t like my conservative viewpoints. Now I won’t use my real account if I go on those pages. There should be no reason for name calling or swearing. People wouldn’t act like this in person.
    Today it was 17 degree’s in SD. Two boat were on the Missouri River. They were fishing for Walleye. I have one left in the freezer. I know you like birds. I saw a flock of 400 geese. In the area I live, we get thousands of geese during the winter. I tried one once and it has a steak consistency. Thought it was pretty good. Have a good week! Melissa SD

  6. You would appear to have confused Senator McCarthy with the HUAC . McCarthy had nothing to do with blacklisting, etc. See M. Stanton Evans – or Ann Coulter for the lite version.

    1. I might well have. On the other hand, I stand by my depiction of McCarthy as the benchmark of all that is despicable and unethical in an elected public servant. Even if he had believed in what he was doing (and as I said, he is supposed to have commented that he never intended his witch hunt to be anything other than a springboard to his own career), he apparently regarded the law and the Constitution as minor inconveniences to be ignored as it suited his convenience. Of course, on reflection, that would apply to all but a handful of the current incumbents on Capitol Hill.

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