What Makes You Think Your Child Is Getting an Education?

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A reader—a college professor—sent me some reactions to my blog, What Might Work, and he has given me permission to reprint his comments, along with his name and position. I have chosen to do this because, while he makes many good points, his comments about his students’ fundamental ignorance of the Constitution are truly terrifying. Remember, these are college students he is talking about. If your child is so poorly educated in secondary and/or high school that he or she doesn’t even have a clue what’s in the Bill of Rights, it is devastating condemnation of the total failure of the public-school system in this country. That too is something America needs to discuss.

I have only deleted some personal comments of Mr. Logas’ that were in praise of my blog; other than that, it is just as he wrote it.


For years, I’ve shared in my college classes my support for having county sheriff’s deputize select employees from schools who volunteer to serve as the first responders to an active shooter on campus. The sheriff’s office pays for the training and the person who has access to the gun or lock box is a sworn deputy who knows what to do. How sad it is that many teachers and/or security guards can only protect students by standing between them and the active shooter.

Students cannot believe that I would support guns on campus until I ask them what would happen if a person with a gun walked in during our conversation. There are only two ways out of the room and both doors are almost next to each other. There’s no low access to the windows, so there’s no chance of escape through them. Next, I ask how many Veterans are in the class and how many students have a permit to carry. Finally, I ask how many of them have their gun with them. None. Of course not, we’re a gun free zone, except for an active shooter. I ask them how we could stop someone from pulling the trigger once they’re in the room…charm them with our good looks? That wakes them up.

Yesterday, as we were discussing the Florida shooting and the 2nd Amendment, a student told me that she couldn’t believe that I support the 2nd Amendment because, “it gives people the right to kill other people.” I asked her where she learned that and she didn’t respond. I told her that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t give people the right to kill another person, it gives people the right to protect themselves from tyranny and oppressive government. Education has done a tremendous disservice to our Constitution. During the second week of class each semester, I tell my students that I’m going to read the 2nd Amendment to them because it is too convoluted, extremely long, and written in a form of English language that we updated long ago. I also warn them that it will probably take a good 30 minutes for us to read. Then, I read it. They’re stunned. I ask them where they learned information about the 2nd Amendment. Some learned it from a teacher, most from the media, and a majority admit they never were exposed to it at all. Finally, I ask them why someone would lie to them about its content and encourage them to listen to authority instead of being encouraged to read it for themselves and make their own fact-based conclusion. They begin to understand the smear campaign and the people behind it.

Other information that I share with my students is the fact that many times law enforcement does not follow up on leads. The shooting of the Congresswoman at the outdoor town hall meeting is one example. The shooter had made multiple threats against her, law enforcement had visited his house many times, and he was stopped that very morning but released for a minor traffic violation. The sheriff blamed Conservatives, talk radio, and the NRA for the shooting. He was covering up for his own incompetence. The murder of Kathryn Steinle is another example where Obama called for gun control legislation, even though he was aware that no gun legislation would have stopped the murder because the illegal immigrant had stolen a federal agent’s gun. And here we go again, more calls for gun control legislation and this time it was the FBI that never followed up on legitimate leads, not even sending those leads to the Miami field office.

A year ago June, I was on the air broadcasting our live coverage of the Pulse shooting in Orlando (I was born and raised in Orlando). Shortly after the shooting, many people in the LGBT community accepted an offer from the NRA and other groups for free training in the use of a firearm. The media had a major blackout over the fact that the gay community embraced the 2nd Amendment after the shooting. Instead, they reported that many in the gay community wanted more gun control. Since that time, some of the students in my classes have shared that a relative or friend was someone who was killed in that nightclub. They share with their peers in the class that anyone else who would have had a gun inside the club that night would have prevented more innocent people from being killed. Some students still can’t grasp that concept, so I ask them a simple question, “Why did the shooter choose a gay nightclub and not a biker bar?”. No one can answer the question. Of course, you know that in a biker bar the shooter would have been dropped the minute he pulled the gun out or opened his mouth. The shooter chose a gay nightclub because it was the path of least resistance. Most gay people have been discriminated against, are peaceful, happy, and would rather talk a situation through rather than use violence. He needed that little bit of extra time to get himself established once inside the nightclub. The 911 calls prove that the shooter did not choose the nightclub because he hated gay people, his words demonstrate that he was a terrorist and there wasn’t one word spoken against gays or the gay community.

You hit the nail on the head in your article. The family unit is in decay, the sanctity of life is under assault, and I’ll add that God is nowhere to be found in our schools…until there is a mass shooting. I’ve proposed in my classes to try something new since everyone seems to support “doing something”. Put volunteer employees as plain clothes deputies in schools and return God to our classrooms. The schools and parents always turn to guns to stop the active shooter and then turn to religion after every school shooting. Instead of crosses hanging on a fence or placed in a row on school property in the aftermath, let’s be proactive and introduce a Biblical approach to problems while learning the importance of the sanctity of life.

Mark Logas

Professor of Political Science

Valencia College-East Campus

Orlando, FL

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11 thoughts on “What Makes You Think Your Child Is Getting an Education?”

  1. I know this probably sounds mundane, if that’s even the right word but wow! That’s what came in my head as I read this. He’s really thought out what he needed or wanted to say and phrased it very well. He made some very good points.
    Thanks for posting that Jameson.

    Nancy Darlene

  2. I agree with Mr. Logas’ comments. During my time working at an elementary school,very little history was taught. At the, “ Los Angeles School District,” the focus was mainly English and Math. I remember learning a lot of history when I was in elementary school. In addition, I feel they are trying to teach history too much in a politically correct way. It just made me sick that Kate Steinle received no justice. I thought the jury failed her. Jury believed that he stepped on the gun accidentally and that is what shot her. Sorry don’t see how that is even possible. I agree bring the Bible approach back into problems. MelissaSD

  3. I agree with the majority of Professor Logas statement. However, the need to bring God into the school opens the door to whose God? We each have our beliefs and the Educational system is pulled and pushed to be Mother, Father, Babysitter, Cheer leader etc. We as a country need to instill into our population the idea of respect for others and ourselves. Education should be a well rounded course that begins before schooling starts. In homes across our Nation we need to practice being civil and respectful. Failures in our educational system starts with the home unit and then society. Our attempt to please everyone has failed to teach anyone anything of importance.
    With the misinformation that is broadcast from all sides it leaves one to wonder what will become of our society. We need to encourage all peoples of our great society to read and understand the ideas and changes that we as a country have faced. To learn from the past is to keep open an avenue for learning, understanding and acceptance for all. At least that is how I see it,
    Regards; Harold M. SC

  4. A well written article. I agree with you. It’s sad to see the rising ignorance in people. We have more knowledge at our fingertips and yet people won’t take time to pull up our Bill of Rights. And the sad is time is not the issue because they waste hours on social media sites. It’s shameful that teacher’s have not been teaching what our rights and how our system works. Even if they didn’t agree with everything as a teacher they are charged to present everything and let the people decide. Another down fall is the family unit. I mean families do not sit or talk much anymore and the children need guidence, so they look for it and tend to fall for anyone whose a parent figure. So then that person ends up training your kid. When I went to school I was surprised at how many people knew nothing about America or her system, and yet they complain about it. How can you understand anything you don’t know about? It doesn’t help either that the only time you here about our system is when it didn’t work. What about all the times it has? We have a right to defend ourselves and people need to understand how important that is because the world doesn’t operate like America. Ignorance is a big killer and many have suffered because of it. Thank you Mark Loves for taking the time to teach your students and thank you Jameson for creating awareness of this problem.
    Many blessings to you both

  5. Trump is suiing CA over their immigration policies. Good they deserve it. Today, I am flying back from Burbank Airport to Rapid City. I was in CA for about 2 and 1/2 weeks. I will not miss the traffic or all the people. Now on the freeway blinking sign’s it has says this message, “Watch out for all the people walking all over the roadways.” I guessing it might have to do with the homeless because it just didn’t appear on one sign. I did enjoy seeing friends and eating fresh strawberries and avocado’s. They were filming something out here in Santa Clarita. The sign said, “Atlas.” But sometimes they lie about what it’s actually for. I believe Trump is going to be in CA this week and is meeting with Jerry Brown. That will be interesting. MelissaSD

  6. Dear Mr. Parker,
    I write this as a wholly confused fan.
    So I have a few questions.
    Why would it take a half an hour to read the 2nd amendment? Last time i checked it is only 27 words. Can you ask Professor Logas?
    I read your blog almost daily and find your writing to be clever and inciteful. I’m a huge fan who agrees with you more than half the time. On more than one occasion you have posted your laments for the lack of knowledge of the constitution and civics knowledge in general that is imparted upon students today. Do you really trust them to teach about God? I bet you that, on average, kids today can name more Commandments than they can amendments in the Bill of Rights.
    Let’s say you arm every other teacher in every other classroom.. As you often point out shooters often like to target the gun free zones. Using your logic do you really think the number of school shooting victims would change or would shooters just target the unarmed classrooms?
    There are roughly 10 million operational motorcycles registered in the US and roughly the same number of gay people. According to the logic expressed, if gay bars were as heavily armed as biker bars less people would be killed by guns or just that one guy that one time would have gone somewhere else? Biker bars are a cliché for gun violence. Gay bars aren’t. Military bases in Chatanooga and Fort Hood were both attacked by terrorists. Not because they are ‘soft targets’. Mass shooters overwhelming choose their targets because they are familiar with them, not because they are soft.
    Okay. Maybe it was equal parts question and argument in my submission. Or maybe more argument than question.
    All that being said. In the current debate I fall more closely to your side than I do that of the young people calling themselves victims because they were in the same building and are now leading protests. Those on tv defending the 2nd amendment seem to lack your way with words.
    My rant ends here. Thank you. Ken from Dallas.

    1. …ich finde, das wäre ja schon mal ein guter Anfang, aber ich habe auch in den Nachrichten gelesen, dass die NRA dagegen klagt….. Manuela

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