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Oh, no!

Just when I actually break down and praise President Trump, he goes and puts his foot in it.

I took a break from the news for a few days (and what a lovely respite it was; my blood pressure went back down to normal levels, I laughed more, and I almost thought—for a few minutes—that we lived in a healthy world) and no sooner do I come back when I read, see, and hear that our president has stuck his foot in it by calling MS-13 members “animals.”


Of course, he didn’t put his foot in it as much as the putative but spurious press did by deliberately misunderstanding him and pretending he was referring to all illegal immigrants. Some of the media eventually, grudgingly, admitted their dishonesty, but having done so, they immediately followed those deeper thinkers on Capitol Hill—Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi—and condemned the president for his callousness, crudity, and inhumanity for calling MS-13 members animals.

I know I will now offend my conservative readers, but I’m going to side with Chuckie and Nancy and the media. To call MS-13 members animals is a crude, grotesque, and extremely offensive insult to the entire animal kingdom, and to the class Mammalia in particular. If President Trump had called all MS-13 members cockroaches, I would consider that an insult to cockroaches, but I would let it go, primarily because I don’t like cockroaches. But to imply that rattlesnakes and Gila Monsters, let alone coyotes and skunks, are somehow as worthy of disdain and contempt as MS-13 members…

Well, once again, our president has said the wrong thing. Unless, of course, what he meant was that he thinks highly of MS-13 members, but I hardly believe that to be the case.

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33 thoughts on “Animals!”

  1. Mr. Parker, you never fail to make my day. President Trump is that Uncle who, more often than not, will say the wrong thing, tell the risque’ joke just as your Mom is coming thru the door, but always has your back and is there to listen and sometime pick up the tab.

  2. Mr. Parker, I always love reading your blog. I also pretty much always agree. Comments and opinion pieces from a gentleman such as you are as much noteworthy as they are appreciated.

    Please keep them coming. Your fans will enjoy them and the libs may just have a little more difficulty sleeping.

  3. …sehr gut Herr Parker, prima, so kann man das auch sehen, ich stimme Ihnen vollkommen zu … die Tiere (außer vielleicht Kakerlaken oder Zecken) haben die Beleidigung nicht verdient, die armen Tiere … Manuela

  4. The word animal isn’t strong enough. I wonder if Schumer knew exactly what Trump meant but went with his talking points anyways. The reporters looked stupid questioning Trump about it. Trump was meeting with the Republican’s from CA who were opting of being a sanctuary city. Sanctuary cities do not make things safer. The majority of the time ICE is going after criminal illegals that have deportation papers from judges. Which means they have committed a felony or misdemeanor. Why Ca would want to protect criminals illegals doesn’t make sense. More and more cities are opting out. Since this list more were added. Jerry Brown just doesn’t get. Melissa

  5. Hmmmmm…if he keeps the media and Congress flustered over a simple comment, it might allow him to get some work done.

    I have checked with Goose Goose, Melvin, Donald and Chick Chick (yeah farm animals-our neighbor’s-they come over to socialize and grab a bite to eat). They said they will bring it up at the next meeting…or was that meal, hard to tell as their bills were full. lol

  6. I wonder if he is so hated and villified because he says what we’re all thinking but wouldn’t dare say out loud?

    I might be more than a little crazy (and since I over filled my coffee cup, not once but, twice this morning it’s probably a lot more than a “might”) but how is it any different than anyone calling anyone an animal? Is it because he’s the President (and remember I did not vote for him) and should play nice, and insulting people isn’t nice? How is calling people here illegally animals is any different than referring to our citizens on death’s row animals? (Not that he has said that but I’ve heard it them referred to as animals.)

    Yes, the man is a baboon…or….errr buffoon but are we this desperate to tear him down? Please, JP, show me where my thinking is wrong, because I just don’t see how this is an issue.


    1. I have no idea. People seem to be so virulently anti-Trump that they will seize on anything, any excuse, to excoriate him. The problem with doing so is that when there is something legitimate for them to complain about, or at least worry about, who will take them seriously? I just read someone on my FB page commenting about how Trump has destroyed the economy; if he has, I pray he will continue to destroy it for another term, because in his first year in office, my retirement portfolio increased in value more than it did in eight years under Obama. The hysterical shrieking by the progressive left achieves nothing more than to make me think of the parable about the boy who cried wolf.

      1. … Herr Parker, meinen Sie, dass euer Präsident für eine weitere Amtszeit wiedergewählt werden würde ? Was wären bei euch die nächsten anstehenden Wahlen ? Bitte entschuldigen Sie meine politische Unwissenheit (mein lückenhaftes Wissen, was euer Land betrifft) …. Manuela

        1. Hallo Manuela, ich bin offensichtlich kein JP, also kann ich nicht (und werde nicht) für ihn antworten. Ich persönlich wäre sehr überrascht, wenn Präsident Trump in zwei Jahren für eine zweite Amtszeit wiedergewählt würde. Aber ich war auch überrascht, dass der ehemalige Präsident Obama war, also wer weiß. (Wir stimmen in diesem Jahr nicht über Präsident Trump ab, sondern eher für andere Regierungsbeamte / -beamte, Senatoren, Kongressabgeordnete und dergleichen.) Ich hoffe, das hilft Ihnen!

          Ich spreche wirklich kein Deutsch, Google Translate ist mein Freund.

          1. …ich nochmal, bitte entschuldigt, wenn ich euch nerve , aber mich würde wirklich interessieren , ob ihr, die Präsident Trump gewählt habt, diesen erneut wieder wählen würdet ? (… seine Rhetorik ist ja nicht alles…) Hat er seine Wahlversprechen soweit bis jetzt gehalten ? Welche waren das ? Als ihr euren Präsidenten gewählt habt, habt ihr euch sein doch ziemlich eigenmächtiges Regieren so vorgestellt ? Bemerkt ihr bei eurem täglichen Überlebenskampf genügend Vorteile für euch ? (Seid ihr zufrieden ? )…. Oder hättet ihr es euch doch ganz anders vorgestellt und gewünscht, als ihr ihn gewählt habt ? Ward ihr mit Obama nicht oftmals zufriedener ? ….
            Nur, um ein paar Punkte zu nennen : Wie steht es um euer Krankenversicherungssystem …ist eine Verbesserung in Sicht ? Ist die Arbeitslosenquote gesunken oder sind mehr Arbeitsplätze entstanden ? Sind Steuerermäßigung auch bei geringem Einkommen sozusagen beim “kleinen Mann ” angekommen ? Was ist mit den illegalen Einwanderern, sind die Zahlen
            gesunken ? …. ich wünsche euch allen einen angenehmen Tag …. Manuela

          2. Hi Manuela, I voted for Trump. Like Ginny, I don’t think he will get elected to a second term. However, it depends on who the Democrats have to go againt him. Right now they don’t have anyone good. For me,health care hasn’t changed. I am on Medicare. As far as immigration, I think the numbers have gone down some. In CA, they have become a Sanctuary State. Now cities are revolting and opting out. One of the main reasons I voted for Trump was immigrantion. I am getting tried of politicians doing what they said they would. Melissa

          3. Danke liebe Melissa für deine Antwort, ich freu mich darüber …. ich hoffe du hast deine Ohrenentzündung gut überstanden …. Meiner Meinung nach ,egal, wen man wählt, eigentlich fast jeder Politiker arbeitet zuerst in “seine eigene Tasche” und dann kommt erst der “kleine Mann/Frau” (ich empfinde das hier in Deutschland so und habe das Gefühl bei euch ist das ebenso oder … Hab einen schönen sonnigen Tag …. viele liebe Grüße Manuela

          1. Manuela, I agree with you. My ear is doing much better. Today it has felt the best. Just
            have a slight buzzing. That should go away. Thanks for asking. Melissa

  7. We had eight years of a smooth talker and orator named President Barack Obama.

  8. Dear Jameson Parker,
    I know this is totally off topic but I have to get this out.
    Please don’t die any time soon.
    With the passing of Clint Walked there are very few heroes of mine that are left. Sure we disagree a bunch but I still adore your wit, prose, and paternal take on current events. (Not paternal – paternal, but old mannish-paternal)
    I check your blog daily and respect you more than most bloggers / writers.
    You were a huge part of my youth and are a rather sizable part of my middle ages. Your book (novella) Dancing With the Dead inspired me to write again. And to read for that matter. So as they said back in your day, “keep on keepin on”
    You might not get this a lot in your current life, but you are, and always will be, my hero.
    You be you. Inspire me to laugh, think, disagree, or do some added research. But never stop until Darleen tells you to. I’m not saying I like her more, but if she had a blog and wrote books I would drop you like a wet dishrag.
    Don’t stop inspiring,
    Ken from Dallas

    1. I hope to be able to accommodate you on that request…
      I had the pleasure of meeting Clint Walker once, many years ago, and was very impressed with his niceness and decency. Sadly, so many of my personal heroes in the acting world were neither nice nor decent (not all, by any means; many were wonderful human beings, and if I were to list all those, this response would go on ad infinitum), but it is always necessary to separate the art and the artist.
      I thank you very much for the kind words; they come at a most needed moment. As for writing, please, by all means, do it, do it, do it! Write to please yourself, both as author and as reader. If you like what you write, someone else almost certainly will, and the act of creation in any form is too important to not do it.
      There are a lot of men who would happily stand in line for a chance to grab my pretty bride, which is–in part–why I don’t encourage her to write a blog or maintain an online presence. I need her and want her for my own selfish purposes…

      1. JP,

        No worries. If Ken drops you like a wet dishrag, I’d still keep you! You inspired me to persevere and live through some very painful years of my life. You drive me to think deeper about what is going on in the world around me than I naturally would. You make me want to stop living under a rock politically. You still make me laugh.
        My teen daughters call you and Mackie “Momma’s boys”. and you are touching the next generation.My fifteen year old just told me tonight as we were watching Simon & Simon, “Aj is my favorite.”

        One of these days I’m going to make to Southern California and when I do, we’ll meet face-to-face.


        1. (And I just really want to say while I’m far from beautiful and can’t compare at all to Darlene, I’m pretty sure I’m a heck of a lot prettier than Ken!)

        2. Ginny, ich stimme Dir zu …. wir werden “JP” NIEMALS fallen lassen !!!!! …. euch ein schönes Wochenende ….. Viele Grüße Manuela

      2. …jaaaaa, DANKE (thank you very much) JP , dass Sie ihren Fans (mich unter anderem mit eingeschlossen) es auf diesem Wege ermöglichen, mit Ihnen kommunizieren zu können/dürfen …. Bitte bleiben Sie gesund und hören Sie bitte NIEMALS auf zu schreiben ….Gott schütze Sie …. Manuela

  9. I think Ken from Dallas and Ginny summarized very nicely why I and many others appreciate your Blog (and other writings). I have been reading your work for the past year since I stumbled upon it. I was also inspired to start writing again and I started my own Bog last summer. As a I am retired now, I can afford to be a musician! As well as active performing I completed my second CD Project this last winter, so I am following my creative path in that area too. I have read some of the books your reviews suggested, and I have been revisiting some classic literature which I had not yet gotten around to reading. The Blog I posted today was directly inspired by your chapter in the “To Absent Friends” compilation.

    You said Ken’s kind words came at a most needed moment. Please accept mine as more kind words to add to the stack and to hopefully also be of help.

    Nora M
    Harmonyhoundsandhorses at WordPress

  10. Thank you for the another well-written post in your blog. I appreciate your candor and wit.

    Happy Memorial Day,
    Carla In California

    1. Gottes Segen für euch am heutigen “Fronleichnam” Festtag …. Manuela

  11. Totally off topic:
    My girls and I are watching season 5 of Simon and Simon, when my oldest says, “Can you imagine AJ with a moustache?”
    “He has one now.”
    “That would be weird. He has such a nice face. He shouldn’t put anything fuzzy on it and ruin it.”
    We’ve all agreed you’re very easy on the eyes.

    Personally, this old woman loves your face, fuzzy or not.

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