Johann Fanzoj

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Just to get all our minds off the endless, soul-killing litany of malicious lies and braggadocio of the mid-term elections, I have decided to post some photographs sent to me by rancher and novelist John L. Moore of a work of art by a gun maker I’d never even heard of before.

Johann Fanzoj has been making guns in Ferlach, Austria ever since 1790, and it looks as if they have a pretty good idea of what they’re doing. The gun in the photographs is a Vierling, a four-barreled gun. It would require far more money than I have to buy it, and far more skill than I have to use it, but enjoy the photos.

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7 thoughts on “Johann Fanzoj”

  1. …Herr Parker, wie wunder, wunder schön gearbeitet, zum Gebrauch eigentlich viel zu schade…. werden dafür unterschiedliche Munitionsgrößen für die Läufe benötigt ? Was für Munition wird dafür benötigt ? Haben Sie jemals so etwas ähnlich Schönes schon in den Händen gehalten, wie würde es sich wohl anfühlen ? …. viele Grüße Manuela

    1. google translate:

      Mr. Parker, how wonderful, beautifully worked, too much to use …. do you need different ammunition sizes for the runs? What kind of ammunition is needed? Have you ever had such a thing in your hands? …. best regards Manuela

  2. MEN! (no offense) I don’t usually comment on the blogs I read but I thought I would this time. Once again it’s hunting season up here in Maine. I typically lose my husband to Jackman, Me and become an afternoon and weekend widow. My husband asked me this morning if I was reading another one of my political blogs. I proudly told him no this blog has a bunch of different topics and then I showed him your most recent post with the photos of the “pretty gun”.

    Yes, I sadly used that term and yes, thing’s went downhill from there. My husband looked at the photos and told me it was a collectors gun and that he wouldn’t use it for hunting. He also went on to state “A guy could get beat up for walking around with a “pretty gun” and they would leave his body in the Allagash”. (woods up here)

    My husband is also a former Marine so that may explain a lot. Thank you anyways for the “pretty gun” photos and history behind them.

    Upta Camp here in Maine


    Sorry my punctuation is a bit scary.

  3. That is an amazing gun. Work of art, simply stunning! Would it be called a drilling? What caliber are the rifle barrels? Thanks for posting! James

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