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Various progressive Democrats, including the Congressional Black Caucus, have been calling for slavery reparations for years. Currently, various progressive Democrat presidential candidates are including slavery reparations as part of their platform. Progressive Democrat Elizabeth Warren has raised—or lowered—the bar by also calling for reparations for Native Americans. One wonders if Ms. Warren isn’t opening herself up to charges of conflict of interest, not to mention graft, since she would clearly stand to profit greatly, given her well-documented Native American ancestry.

And now, Mexico’s socialist president has demanded Spain acknowledge its abuses and beg forgiveness for its conquest five-hundred (500) years ago of the area we today call Mexico.

There’s gold to be made in them thar hills, apology and forgiveness always being followed by reparations, as night follows day, so I’m getting into the spirit of the thing, and I would like to officially and formally announce, here, today, that I demand:

–a groveling apology from the British government for the abuses and losses suffered by my Irish ancestors ever since Henry II (above) illegally and violently invaded Ireland on or about October 17, 1171;

–a personally written and signed letter begging for my forgiveness, from Her Majesty, Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, for the despicable and murderous actions of her very distant, very remote, admittedly tenuous, but legal (at least in terms of the line of succession) ancestor, Henry II, also known as Henry Plantagenet, self-proclaimed Lord of Ireland;

–full, absolute, pro-rated (with interest) reparations for the abuses suffered and potential earnings lost by all my Irish ancestors back to that date (October 17, 1171), including those ancestors, however distant, who might have had legitimate claims to the Irish throne.

–special additional reparations for the abuses suffered during the Potato Famine (yes, yes, I admit some of my ancestors weren’t precisely kings of Ireland—though they might have been, if Henry II hadn’t invaded) suffering exacerbated directly by the callousness of the British government.

I further wish to put the English government and the British monarchy personally both on notice that if my demands are not satisfied immediately, I will consider myself to be at war with both the English government and the British monarchy, and they will bear the full weight of responsibility for my completely justifiable anger and retribution.

Other than that, cheerio, and have a great day.

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10 thoughts on “Reparations”

  1. … dieses Thema ist ein sehr ” heißes Eisen” …. Meine Meinung: ….KEINER von uns kann das Unrecht wieder gut machen, was viele Vorfahren einem anderen Volk angetan haben , weder können wir zur Verantwortung gezogen werden, was die Engländer den Iren, noch was die “Weißen” den “Schwarzen” oder den amerikanischen Ureinwohnern, noch die Deutschen den Polen, den Juden etc… angetan haben . Wir alle können nichts für die Taten unseren Vorfahren und können dafür auch nicht mehr zur Verantwortung gezogen werden, wir können uns nur bemühen, die Welt etwas besser zu machen und Rassismus KEINE Chance zu geben, alles andere ist nur Profitgier in die Taschen der Politiker und des Entschädigung fordernden Landes . … viele Grüße Manuela

    1. …aber vielleicht habe ich eine fehlgeleitete Sicht der Sühne der Schuld , da ich das “Handbuch ” nicht sorgfältig gelesen habe … Ironie, Sarkasmus … NEIN, ich bleibe bei meiner Sicht der Dinge! Wir, unsere heutige Generation und die nachfolgenden Generationen können NICHTS für die Handlungen/Taten unsere Vorfahren, nur für das, was im “Jetzt” passiert können wir zur Verantwortung gezogen werden, obwohl die Sühne für die Vergangenheit noch immer (sehr teuer) verlangt wird. Was ist mit Verjährung und Vergebung? Hätten wir in den Situationen unserer Vorfahren anders gehandelt oder wären wir “haargenau” so gewesen und hätten diese Handlungen/Taten vollzogen ? Haben wir ein besseres Wissen und Gewissen aus den vergangenen Jahren, Jahrzehnten, Jahrhunderten gar Jahrtausenden erlangt? Sind wir aus all’ den geschichtlichen Geschehnissen schlauer geworden? Sind wir die “besseren” Menschen geworden, als unsere Ahnen ? Bemühen wir uns genug dazu oder könnten wir noch mehr dazu beitragen, dass die Welt ein wenig menschlicher wird? Was/wie können wir dazu beitragen? … Die gewissenlose Gier nach Machtstreben und Geld kennt (fast) keine Grenzen …. doch vor Gott sind alle Menschen gleich , wie kann dort Vergebung für all’ die Unmenschlichkeit, die auf der Welt stattfindet, erteilt werden ? Wird wirklich jedes Individuum’s Schuld vergeben? …ich schweife mit meinen Gedanken ab, oh, Entschuldigung, beim nächsten Mal werde ich wieder das “Handbuch” stur , ohne nachzudenken lesen … Ironie, Sarkasmus … Ihr post Herr Parker regt zum Nachdenken an … ich tue es, ich denke über das “Jetzt” und eine bessere Zukunft für unsere Kinder, Enkelkinder, Urenkelkinder nach , wie wir unseren Nachfahren eine bessere Welt ohne Schuld hinterlassen können, im Gegensatz dazu, wie es unsere Vorfahren uns hinterlassen haben ……einen schönen Abend…. Manuela

  2. Sad we cannot change the past and solutions for our future seem tied to the past, and that we are owed something for the actions of ancestors no longer alive, than seeking a solution with the people and materials we have now. Nice bit of satire JP

  3. Maybe I can get in on that. I have Irish ancestors who probably came over during the Irish potato famine. At least according to my father.

  4. Seemingly satire, yes, but this would actually be a wise idea. Over 1 million died during the famine, which was caused by the British government refusal to help because of their laissez-faire capitalist policy. In fact, Ireland actually exported food to England throughout the famine, because so many people were too poor to buy it. In comparison, about 6 million Jews died during the Holocaust, and no sane (I don’t count Neo-Nazis as sane) person denies that Germany should have compensated the Holocaust victims.

    Unfortunately, since your ancestors decided against having a king (or being kings themselves) by moving to a republic, I wouldn’t expect any royal jewels coming your way just yet.

  5. A couple of weeks ago I spent a blissful afternoon reading some of your archived post. Do you still have Charity? Is she still attacking things that aren’t there? Do you have any more stories to share?

    1. You betcha. We still have her and she’s still pretty wacky, though the Aussies do a pretty good job of wrangling her. Actually, she loves the Aussies and I suspect much of her behavior is geared to goading them into wrangling her.

  6. Catching up on your blog, for some reason (it’s the internet, it’s free save the price of our privacy, so I just go with it) I couldn’t find you over the last month. This piece put a smile on my face…reminding me in some strange way of the scene I created last year after buying my awesome (really) mother-in-law a 23 and me DNA test only to break her heart (and ruin her oft-told story) about being some minority percentage Cherokee Indian.

    Not sure why this reminded me of that, but whatever, really enjoy your writing, please keep it up!

    1. You probably couldn’t find me because the site was down while it was being revamped, but thanks for being persistent.

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