It’s Always the Gun.

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No matter who does what, blame the gun.

In Minneapolis, an inept, unqualified, psychologically unsuited, and poorly-trained police officer, Mohamed Noor, hired not for his (clearly lacking) merits, but to satisfy a racist and criminally negligent progressive diversity agenda, has been sentenced to twelve-and-a-half years in prison for shooting an unarmed woman.

Why a racist agenda? Because apparently the city of Minneapolis believes no poor little Somali immigrant could possibly achieve or accomplish the goals and tasks the rest of us oh-so-capable white folks can achieve, so the city, under the previous mayor, determined to fill diversity quotas regardless of any threat to the public. If I were a Somali immigrant, I would be outraged by the insulting condescension of the Minneapolis agenda.

Of course, that’s not how the social justice warriors see it (and, my God, what a distortion of justice the concept of “social justice” is) and they are claiming Officer Noor is only being singled out for egregious punishment because he is black! he’s an immigrant! he’s a Somali! he’s a Muslim! he’s a minority! while the deceased victim, Justine Damond, was white. I have no intention of dignifying that kind racist/victimization nonsense by discussing it (if you want to read about the case in depth, and that issue in particular, there is comprehensive coverage, from day one, by the very knowledgeable Mike McDaniel on his website,

What I am outraged about are the terms of the settlement reached between the City of Minneapolis and the victim’s family.

To try and summarize as quickly as possible, a police officer, Mohamed Noor,  who clearly didn’t have even the fundamental gun-safety lessons a basic, entry-level NRA class provides, drove down an alley with his gun in his lap, not holster, despite having not seen or heard anything that might have constituted a threat. He either heard a noise, or saw the woman approaching (he testified he could see her pink pajamas and blonde hair, but that he could not see her hands, so he couldn’t claim mistaking her cell phone for a weapon) and shot across his partner without even bothering to confirm what his target was, whether or not there was a threat, what the hell he was looking at, or who or what might have been in the bullet’s path behind the lady he killed.

So what did the Minneapolis City government do? In typical progressive fashion, it abdicated any semblance of personal responsibility and, by implication, pinned the blame on the Second Amendment, by stipulating that two-million of the twenty-million dollar settlement be given by the victim’s family to a local “gun violence” (a euphemism for gun control) organization, as if a police officer’s misuse of a firearm wouldn’t have occurred if only law-abiding civilians weren’t allowed to own guns.

An unqualified officer hired to fill an arbitrary diversification quota? No! It was the gun! An officer who was so fearful and unsuited for police work that he violated three of the four golden rules of gun safety? No! It was the gun! A piss-poor job of training by the Minneapolis police academy? No! It was the gun!

The late Ms. Damond’s family are Australian and they may well believe in the kind of draconian gun control that exists in Australian, and if that’s what they believe, so be it. But for a progressive city government to stipulate part of their settlement money be spent, by an Australian couple, on an attack on America’s Second Amendment specifically and our Constitution generally is despicable.

By all accounts, Mohamed Noor appears to be an essentially decent man who made a dreadful mistake because he had been put in a position for which he was not suited. Certainly, according to the news reports of Mr. Noor’s statement in the courtroom at his sentencing, he had the grace to take more responsibility for his ineptitude than the city of Minneapolis. He is reported to have apologized for, “taking the life of a perfect person,” and he tried to express the inexpressible regret he feels. He gets more credit for being a man than the Minneapolis City government that engineered the settlement.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Always the Gun.”

  1. Like I have always said…it is the person behind the gun and their lack of training or mental issues that are the cause of these shootings…NOT the gun itself…

    Nancy Gallinger

  2. This is just stupid. What would be the consequence of this? Forbid guns for police officers? Yeah, that would make the country so much safer… I have written about a small city in the US who made it a law to wear a gun anytime. The crime rate dropped over 90 %. If I would be a criminal, I would think twice about a robbery too, if I knew everybody is wearing a gun… It is my oppinion that the training is the most important part, not only for Police officers, that should be out of question, but for anyone who is allowed or has to wear a gun.

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