Lucy, You Got Some ‘Splainin’ To Do!

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For almost 150-years the National Rifle Association has done more than any other organization to protect and defend the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and the rights of law-abiding gun-owners. For almost that long (well, almost forty-years, anyway) I have been a proud Life Member of NRA. I intend to continue to support the organization with my membership and with additional donations.

But NRA, you have got a lot of explaining to do! It is well past time you—meaning the organization as a whole—explain to the over five-million members like me who trust and depend on you what the hell is going on. And while I expect you have enough integrity not to follow the example of the ethically bankrupt and dishonest scoundrels on Capitol Hill, I will take the liberty of reminding you that the over five-million members who faithfully pay their dues are not stupid and it would serve you well to be honest and forthright. And prompt.

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8 thoughts on “Lucy, You Got Some ‘Splainin’ To Do!”

  1. There’s a culture of corruption at the top, it seems, and Oliver North was evidently trying to expose it, hence his ouster. But as is always the case when you shoot the messenger, the problem that sent him remains.

  2. I to am a member and struggle with the NRA from time to time and would like to know what the heck is going on the past few days.

    TD Bauer

  3. Okay, this captured my attention. I’ve been somewhat literally buried beneath a load of homework and textbooks. So deeply buried I’m not altogether sure what year it is.
    With that in mind, what the is going on? What has the NRA done/not done?
    In other unrelated bits, we’ve been enjoying watching our favorite (only??!!??) Mackie in This Is Us. He is so good and so talented. I am so glad he’s playing a good guy, as opposed the-not-so-nice yaywho on Longmire. My 16-year old thinks “he looks like a really nice guy. Like one who would protect you if you were in trouble. Or like you could just walk up and hug him.”

  4. Can you explain exactly what the problem is? The only thing I know is there is some kind of fight over who is going to lead the NRA.

  5. I’ve been a life member for a few decades myself. I think Wayne LaPierre’s tenure at the group has been a mixed bag. Some good and some bad (such as support for some weakening of 2nd Amendment rights).

    I just can’t seem to be okay with the idea of a non-profit, member supported organization paying the kind of salary he is making. Companies that make profits fine. If he wants that kind of salary run Smith & Wesson or Ruger for example instead. I guess the justification in part has been getting talent and the high cost of living in the DC/Virginia metro area (maybe the NRA should own a modest residence in the area and provide that as a place to live during the term). In the former maybe they should appoint someone who retired from one of the manufactures (though I concede that would likely make the left scream that it would be proof of the “gun lobby” control of the NRA) because they would presumably have the skill and having retired from a multi-million salary wouldn’t need the high pay and cushy retirement package Mr. LaPierre managed to get from the board….

    Term limits are needed to. He has been in plenty long. That tends to breed corruption…The fact that he has been getting all kinds of goodies and apparently has lots of “friends” on the board tends to prove that in my mind.

    The whole board election process probably needs to change as well. Other than celebrity membership on the board a lot of the people are hard to really find info on. I confess that I have a poor voting record because of that (just don’t like voting for those who I don’t know). I don’t think there is a requirement for all state representation. Would like to have a minimum one per state coverage.

    Finally I am concerned about the move of the group to go beyond 2nd Amendment issues in their agenda. While Democrats that are pro 2nd are probably like Leprechauns now (non existent) and thus those who support the 2nd are more likely to agree with a Conservative/GOP agenda, there is no getting around the alienation of the few pro 2nd people who are otherwise leftist. It also feeds the bad blood of the anti 2nd Leftists by the NRA openly embracing the broad range of conservative positions (I am far from a leftist so it isn’t the positions themselves that bother me, just the mission creep and hate it aggravates needlessly).

    I don’t think the NRA should ever drop the main political goal of preserving and restoring the 2nd Amendment, but I do long for a day that they could drop it (conceding that day will likely never come back and can’t as long as we are under endless attack). Just imagine what great things could be done if the money was solely focused on education, shooting ranges, ensuring there is a strong future generation of kids getting to go shooting, shooting ranges and shooting clubs at schools like there was in the past, etc.

    Sadly the vast fund raising (much of it needed for fighting for rights for sure) has corrupted the organization. It is what is funding the lavish life styles and parties at the top of the organization! That must stop!

  6. I’m a life member, thank you for asking this question Jameson Parker. I feel the same they should let us know what is going on. We need to be strong and joined together to protect our US Constitution!

  7. I agree with the inquisitive post. I’ve been a life member and as of 2016 upped my life to endowment (I worked the registration that year, and really pushed to get folks to join). But this year, I was numbed by the headlines. The NRA has enough opposition and definitely doesn’t need “termites” destroying it from within.

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