Something to Cheer You Up

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Valerie Schweda

The young lady in Arizona who redid my website sent me a photograph of an Arizona sunset and in these troubled times, we can all use all the beauty we can lay our eyes on.

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4 thoughts on “Something to Cheer You Up”

  1. That’s a beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing.

    Have you heard of Jarrid Wilson? He was an associate pastor at Harvest Church (with author and pastor Greg Laurie). He just committed suicide the other day. He had long suffered from suicidal thoughts and depression. It’s a tragedy. He was very open about his struggles with both issues.

    I don’t really know how to say this, but I want to thank you for being real and open with your own struggles in that area. And I want to tell you how much I appreciate that you have not allowed them to let you make that life-ending choice. I appreciate you so much, your writing inspires me and makes me want to be a better writer. Watching old Simon and Simon episodes always makes a bad day good, a hard day easier, and brings a bit of happy to a sad day. Thank you for touching my life and not only mine, but countless others as well. You are treasured much and loved more.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words.
      I had not heard of Mr. Wilson, but anyone’s suicide is a tragedy. For the record, kind words like yours sometimes hit home in ways no one could anticipate. I don’t want to get all It’s-a-Wonderful-Life on you, but a kind word, a gesture,sometimes just a smile at an opportune moment, can have a profound effect on people one doesn’t even know. It’s why it’s important to look for the face of Jesus in everyone one meets.

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