Twitter, and Communication

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How to communicate…

In one of his novels, the late John D. MacDonald came up with a formula to determine the IQ of a mob. The formula was to determine the lowest IQ present in the mob and then divide that number by the number of people in the mob.

It is a perfect formula to determine the IQ of the average political Twitter user.

Let me give you an example. Gun control is the hot topic of the moment, with democrats and all the socialists running for the presidency each vying for more draconian, more useless laws to be enacted. (I could die of old age listing all the gun control laws currently on the books that are not enforced, so I will simply ask why we need still more laws that will not be enforced. Oh, yes, because it will make us feel as if we have done something.) Since Robert Francis O’Rourke is possibly the stupidest of the candidates, and since he is running at the back of the pack, he has become more and more strident in his efforts to capture attention, and last night he raised—or perhaps lowered—the bar of stupidity to new levels by claiming he would simply confiscate all the existing popular semi-automatic rifles gleefully demonized in the press as “assault weapons.”  

Texas Representative Briscoe Cain (R) immediately tweeted out, “My AR-15 is ready for you, Robert Francis,” to which Robert Francis promptly responded by tweeting back that Cain’s comment was a “death threat,” and then reporting Rep. Cain to the FBI.

Fine. So far, both men are proving the accuracy of my Twitter IQ formula.

What I’m interested in is this: where was Robert Francis O’Rourke’s fearful outrage when Donald Trump and other Republicans were being threatened?

Off the top of my head, forgetting other Republicans and only taking President Trump into consideration, this is what I came up with:

The New York City Public Theater staged a Shakespeare in the Park Production of Julius Caesar that portrayed the assassination with Julius Caesar dressed and made up to look unmistakably like Donald Trump. A threat, Beto? Nah, that was artistic expression.

Robert De Niro has stated on more than one public occasion that he wants to “punch the m*****f***** in the face,” with “m*****f*****” being understood to mean President Trump. A threat, Beto? Nah, that was artistic expression.

Snoop Dogg released a music video portraying a mock shooting of President Trump. A threat, Beto? Nah, that was artistic expression.

Madonna took a broader approach, advocating blowing up the White House and all the priceless antiques and art that belong to the American people along with President Trump. A threat, Beto? Nah, that was artistic expression.

Kathy Griffin posed with a bloody and graphic decapitated “Trump” head which was unpleasantly reminiscent of some of the less charming activities of the Islamic State and the excesses of the French revolution. A threat, Beto? Nah, that was artistic expression.

Mickey Rourke (no relation to Beto) is so inarticulate and profane that it is difficult to understand either what he says or what his profanity means, but reading between the obscenities, it appears he threatened to beat President Trump to death. A threat, Beto? Nah that was artistic expression.

A comedian named Sarah Silverman tweeted a call for a military overthrow of President Trump and his administration. A threat, Beto? Nah, that was artistic expression.

Various rappers, whose names or monikers mean nothing to me, have produced music videos calling for… Well, mastery of the English language is apparently optional in schools and colleges these days, as long as you throw in enough offensive profanity, so it’s a little difficult to say precisely what they were calling for, but it definitely involved violence toward President Trump. A threat, Beto? Nah, that was artistic expression.

There are others, but there is boring lack of imagination and similarity to all of them, and my tolerance for incoherent profanity is limited. But two things stick out about this:

The first is the mind-boggling hypocrisy of progressive Democrats, socialists, and progressive Trump-haters;

And the second is that Twitter brings out the stupidest in its users.

All of them.

Yes, even the Twitterer-in-Chief.

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5 thoughts on “Twitter, and Communication”

  1. Agreed 100% POTUS is no dummy until he twits without thinking…tweets whatever it I just did..don’t feel like looking it up. Wish he would sound as eloquent as his wife.

  2. Hello JP,

    I somewhat disagree with your thesis. The most stupid people are not the politicians and entertainers you mentioned, but the people who follow them blindly instead of thinking for themselves. The people who voted in Robert O’Rourke or Francis Cain need to make it clear that their idiocy will not be tolerated, and will result in someone else being elected next time if continued. The people of the USA don’t need to unite behind the Republicans or the Democrats in a time of crisis, any more than the people of Germany needed to unite behind the National Socialists, or the people of Russia behind the Bolsheviks.

    Canada has a sad example (but with a happy ending) of people forgetting they are in charge, not the politicians. In 1989, an evil man shot 14 women at an engineering school in Montreal with a Ruger Mini-14, one of these “assault rifles” under discussion. Over the next four years the politicians egged each other on, until in 1993, a law was passed requiring anyone with a long gun to register it with the government. Long guns in Canada are mostly bolt action rifles used for hunting and target practice, and of course had nothing to do with the original massacre. After several years , it became apparent that the long gun registry was a waste of money, and became a major issue in the next election. The new government began a series of one-year amnesties for gun owners in 2002, and finally got rid of the registry in 2006.

    I apologize for not being able to compress this reply into the 140 character limit imposed by Twitter.

    Gerald from Canada

  3. Agreed. The older I get and the more sources of social media I am exposed to, the more I see the definite slant towards the left. And the absolute irony of their postings.

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