Eats, Shoots & Leaves Revisited

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Just in case some of you might have thought me an unreasonably crochety old curmudgeon pining for the clear and lovely English of olden days, my friend Dan Bronson (Confessions of a Hollywood Nobody) informed me that an unauthorized biography of Melania Trump has just been released under the title, Free, Melania.

As a disclaimer, I have a lot of respect for Melania Trump. She is accomplished, poised, intelligent, and clearly has a far thicker hide than I, grandly ignoring snarky, small-minded, and malevolent scolds who would snipe at her if she discovered the cure for cancer. Having said that, I have no intentions of reading Free, Melania and that absurd comma is part of the reason why.

Free Melania or Free Melania! would have both made sense, implying we (the readers of the book and the public generally) should rise up to free her from the White House, or from President Trump, or from the golden shackles of fame and envy, but Free, Melania means nothing.

Free! Melania or Free: Melania would both have implied she has broken free of husband, house, and shackles, but Free, Melania means nothing.

Free! Melania! would imply a more manic version of the above, but again, Free, Melania means zip.

Dan informed me that the book’s author has an explanation for why she inserted that unnecessary comma, but as Dan pointed out, if you have to explain or justify your title, maybe you should just change it, possibly into acceptable and comprehensible English.

In the, meantime keep you’re eyes, open so you can catch; any writers’ making mistakes?

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4 thoughts on “Eats, Shoots & Leaves Revisited”

  1. My brain is mush. I have written well over 500 billion words in the last few days. (That might possibly be a slight exaggeration.) But this made me laugh out loud and scare the cats.

    The other day I was feeling snarky whilst browsing Twitter. Someone had shared a video of Trump being loved on (and loving on) some handicapped individuals. One troll felt the need to respond with, “Your disgusting.” The snark was high and it had been days since my last cup of coffee and replied, “Your disgusting what?”

    Have you ever noticed the irony of those whose thinking leans a bit left? Have you also noticed they neither see it nor understand what irony is?

    Changing topics a bit, what does Cormac McCarthy have against quotation marks and apostrophes? I picked up All the Pretty Horses at the library. It is a bit of a frustrating read, not as awful as The Road. The lack of quotation marks and apostrophes makes it difficult to follow dialogue. Thank you for following the grammar rules.

    I love your sense of humor.

  2. I am curious about your opinion of e.e. cummings and his avoidance of capitalization and “creative” punctuation?

    Have you ever read The Enormous Room?

  3. Nope, not a curmudgeon! Your review entertained me enough that I ordered the book for myself.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

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