A Simpler Time

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Just to remind us all that even in these troubled times, certain things remain unchanged. The photo above is of mother and daughter (Nichole and Alyssa) at work. In all of these photos, note how quiet and calm the horses and cattle both are. That’s good horsemanship and good cowboying, the way it should be done.

I know I’ve posted this photo of Alyssa before, but I really like it, and it’s one of those images that are eternal.
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11 thoughts on “A Simpler Time”

  1. Harte Arbeit …. die Bilder sind eine schöne Ablenkung von all den momentanen Sorgen. Danke. Bleibt gesund. Gott schütze euch. Viele Grüße Manuela

  2. Beautiful.

    I have, my entire life, suffered with health problems. Primarily moderate to severe allergies when I was young, constantly sick, constantly given antibiotics, eventually morphed into full-blown autoimmune disease. I look at pictures like this and dream of being able to do this. It would be fantastic to spend the day outdoors with animals and not feel like you are going to die. How fortunate people are who can participate in this kind of lifestyle. I hope they get to continue for a long time.

    This morning, for the first time ever, after more than a half century, I spoke to the woman who gave birth to me. She lives this way, as in these pictures, and has her entire life. I found out I was around horses constantly in utero. But I guess that’s where it stopped. And after all these years of wonder, apparently my lifelong inability to stay outside for more than 20 minutes does not appear to be genetic.

  3. My memories of a simpler time involved a young Francis who would visit his father at the State Department.

    1. I remember that time: sometimes walking, sometimes driving, sometimes a stop at Garfinkles (does it still exist?); the kind, uniformed guard at a metal desk in the lobby (all the security that was needed in those simpler days) who kept a basket of lollipops for children who came to visit their fathers and who consequently looms in my memory as one of the nicest men I ever met, right up there with Norman at the Metropolitan Club; long corridors; my father, still young then, and his wonderful open-mouthed smile when he was truly delighted; the singular inflections and accents of his voice; the way he always sounded as if he were speaking in iambic pentameter; my child’s faith that all was right in the world and would never change as long as men like my father kept the world turning.
      Did you work with my father back then? If so, you were blessed: he was the finest man I’ve ever known. I miss him still.

      1. It was my good fortune to be Jamie’s secretary for 1+ years and, yes, I was truly blessed. Always the gentleman and always concerned about others around him, Jamie was the father I wish I had. I left DC before your move to Brussels but he wrote several times asking if I would consider working for him there. By that time I had met my one true love, married, had a family and lost touch. Sixty years later, I still have Jamie’s letters. I miss him too, but just seeing his handwriting brings good memories. I only wish I had reconnected to let him know how special and influential he was in a young girl’s life.

        1. Thank you for sharing those memories. He was influential in many people’s lives, mine not least among them. And when I open a book from my library and see his name inscribed in it, that singular handwriting, so elegant and old-fashioned, brings the past rushing back. I have a new book just starting to make the rounds of publishers–a long and weary business–and I hope I have done justice to him in it.

  4. I love the pictures!!! I didn’t see the last one yet, so thank you for posting it again. What a beautiful young woman and so connected to her horse. You can see how the horse is focused on his surroundings, checking everything to keep Alyssa safe while she enjoyes the moment and relaxed closes her eyes… You are right, that is how it should be. I am looking forward every horse-, cowboy-, western-, landscape-picture you share. This is what I dream of here in Germany… I also would love to see you in a saddle, too sometime. Have a great day! And keep focus on the things you still got and try not to be too sad about the things who are not possible at the time. Sending a big hug to everyone!

  5. Thanks for posting those wonderful pictures. My family is quarantined here in our home in Mid-Western suburbia, so grateful we are healthy, have running water, food and all the necessities. But, boy, is nice to see what others are doing in other parts of this great land of ours. Each of those pictures is worth a thousand words, the emotions high. Thank you!
    Hoping you and Darleen stay safe and well! God bless and keep posting! Luv to hear from you- your stories and comments provide a much needed break from the constant barrage of crazy news these days.

  6. Those are some stunning photographs. A classmate in a digital photography class posted photos of life on a ranch. They were stunning in black and white and never failed to bring you to mind. You would have loved them.

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