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jameson parker-biography

Jameson Parker was born November 18th, in Baltimore, Maryland. His father was a high-ranking Foreign Service officer who subsequently retired to become director of a small museum in Virginia. His mother was a writer. As a result of his father’s career, Jameson was educated at a variety of preparatory schools in America, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland, most of which he was thrown out of due to an excessive fondness for the ladies on his part, and a poorly developed sense of humor on the part of the various school authorities.

Jameson was a working actor for almost 30 years, getting his first paying job while on suspension (girls’ dorm, vodka) from college. (Beloit College, class of ‘71)

Jameson’s television credits include: Simon and Simon (8 years); One Life to Live (2 years); Somerset (1 year); Agatha Christie’s Caribbean Mystery; Something Borrowed, Something Blue; She Says She’s Innocent; Promise of Love; Callie and Son; Anatomy of a Seduction; Who Is Julia?; Women at West Point; Dead Before Dawn; Have You Seen My Son?; Spy; Waiting for the Wind; as well as some others that he either cannot or prefers not to recall. His feature films include: Small Circle of Friends; White Dog; The Bell Jar; American Justice; The Prince of Darkness; and one or two others that he definitely prefers to forget. His stage credits are too numerous to bother listing, but they include stints of repertory, regional, summer stock, off-Broadway, and some that were technically in New York but were so far off-Broadway that they were practically in the East River.

In the course of his career, Jameson has been lucky enough to work with some truly gifted stars, such as Robert Mitchum, Helen Hayes, Karen Allen, Brad Davis, Maureen Stapleton, Darleen Carr, Mare Winningham, Valerie Bertinelli, Donald O’Connor, Brian Murray, Rita Moreno, Kristy McNicol, Burl Ives, William Shatner, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cheryl Ladd, Lindsey Wagner, Lisa Hartman, Tom Selleck, Stuart Whitman, Broderick Crawford, Brock Peters, Stacey Keach, Raoul Julia, John Hillerman, James Earl Jones, Dick Crenna, James Garner, Swoozie Kurtz, Bernard Hughes, Donald Pleasance, and many others who were every bit as talented, if not as well known.

At one time or another in his life, Jameson has boxed, practiced karate (10 years), played polo, run track and field, swum competitively, and skied. As a result, he now hurts in a lot of places where he shouldn’t.

Jameson was a closet writer for many years, writing absolutely dreadful short stories that he then shredded. He first started submitting stories for publication about twenty years ago with the encouragement of his wife, Darleen Carr, and was stunned when some of them actually got accepted. From there he went on to become a contributing editor for two years for the now defunct Sports Afield magazine, but he doesn’t believe his association with the magazine was responsible for its demise. He wrote, produced, and co-hosted, with his wife, a television show on OLN about hunting dogs entitled A Dog’s Life. He has hosted the hunting shows American Hunter, The World of Ducks Unlimited, Sports Afield on Assignment, and Beretta’s Bird Hunter’s Journal. He currently contributes regularly to a number of hard copy and on-line magazines.

Although his short fiction has appeared in various magazines, The Horseman at Midnight, American Riff, and Return to Laughter mark his debut as a novelist. The critically acclaimed memoir, An Accidental Cowboy, (Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press) was his first book. Additionally, he has edited an anthology of stories about dogs entitled, To Absent Friends, published by Willow Creek Press.

Jameson hunting with dog
Jameson with dog
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