To Err Is Human…

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computer cartoon

…to really screw things up, you need a computer.

A mistake was made. My website was being inundated with robo-responses, so many of them that it was clogging up the system and, in some way I don’t understand, that meant subscribers to this website weren’t getting the notices they had requested. (They still won’t, for other reasons, but we’re still working on it.) Apparently it also meant there was a potential for hacking (both my computer and subscribers’) and, in short, something had to be done. We tried to do that something, but unfortunately someone hit the wrong key at the wrong time with the result that three years’ worth of my work was wiped out. All the blogs as well as all the profiles and short stories were deleted in a way that meant they could not be retrieved. Gone. Vanished. Vaporized.

Needless to say, this kind of knocked me back on my heels. I have rough drafts of most of the stuff, but the difference between my rough drafts and the final product I actually post is considerable, and that doesn’t take any photographs or illustrations into account. Is this the end of Western Civilization as we know it? Hardly. Is it the end of the American Literary Tradition? Nope, it sure ain’t, Sparky. (Though based on much of the crap ballyhooed by the New York Times and other self-proclaimed arbiters of taste, we can safely say the American literary tradition has been moribund for at least the last ten years.) But it does mean I have to start over with a more or less blank slate. I simply do not have either the time or the energy to go back through everything and do it all over again. (And would it be worthwhile, I hear myself cry, would it have been worth it, after all, would it have been worthwhile, after the sunsets and the dooryards and the sprinkled streets, after the novels and the teacups, after the skirts that trail along the floor—and this and so much more… No! I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be…)

Unfortunately for those of you kind enough to follow this blog regularly, there is going to be a period of repetition. There are certain pieces I wish to restore, and there is at least one piece I have to restore to honor a commitment to the person about whom I wrote. This is all going to take a while, so if those of you kind enough to pay regular visits to my website wish to go on vacation (Barbados is nice this time of year) I will understand.

My apologies.

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